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Wednesday, November 08, 2017


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I have heard men say stupid and degrading things to me in many games but actually never in Second life.


Ayesha Lytton -- I agree. Sometime back, I heard an SL av say that "SL was the safest place" for him, because he could just mute/block trolls, TP out, or log off. I'm not sure that I agree with him. If 'safety' in SL only EVER involved methods of escape (derender, mute, logout, tp, etc), it means this form of 'safety' allows no personal empowerment. It means the only one empowered may be the troll/griefer, because they get to make you leave or force you to mute them. The victim's so-called 'SL safety' remains a choice between running away, passive acceptance (because fighting back gets you ARed), or self-imposed deafness/blindness (which is what happens when you mute/block them. Even so, they can continue rubbing up against you or slagging you off to everyone else, while technically still in your presence!). In every scenario, the troll wins. If that's so, then 'safety' in SL only equates to different options of escape. Is that as it should be?



Um, no.
The troll isn't empowered when they are muted. Mute is *the* Power of STFU, something that I wish I had in real life. There is movelock (Firestorm) and there are HUD tools that can keep idiots from doing anything to your avatar. LL gave us these tools to deal with idiots, do they need to babysit some of you as well? Assign a Linden in world for some of you to run to when your feelings are hurt, because mute, movelock, or banning trolls from your very own "safe space" is not good enough?

You can't compare using mute to being deaf or blind either, that's a really piss poor analogy, especially since disabilities aren't something that can be switched on and off.


@Dusky -- I agree with your last sentence. I couldn't think of a better way to put it; 'sensory deprivation' wasn't quite it.


@Dusky -- in fact, I agree enough to want to change that sentence. My apologies to deaf and blind people, no offence was intended.

I wrote "self-imposed deafness/blindness (which is what happens when you mute/block them" when I meant "you can't hear them, you can't see them, you have no idea what they might be doing to you or saying about you".

Definitely a poor choice of words.

madeline blackbart

Except I've been harassed verbally by both men and women in SL. Both sexual harassment (yes by women too.) and insulted. It's unfair to characterize men as having this issue when the issue is human beings, in general, when given too much anonymity with no consequences seem to lose all sense of morals/fear of being outed or shammed for they're terrible behavior. What you can do about that? Not much it seems.

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