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Monday, November 06, 2017


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Isabelle cheren

Thank you for sharing this. It’s not just the “famous” people who go through this. In 2017 it’s hard to fathom it’s still an issue that keeps coming up. But there it is, still.
We can hope that educating people and challenging their behaviour may eventually work.

Ayesha Lytton

It's great that she shared this. But we should also talk about the harassment towards women / female avatars that occurs IN Second Life. Yes, we have the ability to block, TP out, and report abuse, but the sheer frequency of abusive behavior and level of entitlement I see in SL is much higher. Men think they can join SL and demand sex from any female avatar they see... and that says a lot about our culture.

The road to nowhere

@ Ayesha Lytton

Strangely enough half of those are women role-playing stereotypical male social actions with many going so far as to use a voice changer.

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