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Monday, December 04, 2017


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I probably see it a little bit different to something like Mozilla, in the end times should it no longer be viable for LL. Am not saying it won't be, just exploring the what ifs

If it does become unfinancial for LL then mostly likely SL would be unprofitable for anyone else also, to continue trying to keep the SL inworld going as a business.

I think that in the end times then it could end up more as a museum. Like the Foundation once taking guardianship would shrink it down to the public mainland, with the continents closer than what they are (joined even), all the edges tidied up as well. On this condensed mainland then all of the historical stuff could be curated and remain accessible.

From a players pov, its the loss of everything given us by all those who have come before that would hurt the most if SL were to go offline forever.

I also think/guess/maybe that as a museum (a repository of our history), a Foundation would garner sufficient of us remaining, who would pay a donation or subscription to maintain a presence inworld. Enough to at least keep the lights on. Even if we can't build in it anymore. It maybe that those who have own sims now, and wish to add them to the museum to preserve their own legacy contributions to the world could pay a sub for this as well.

If only so that we can visit. To wander, to sit quietly and contemplate, reminisce with friends, and remember all those we once knew (many who have since gone now from the real world), whose stuff will always be there for us to wonder and marvel at.

It may in time, be possible to be able to teleport into it from our own home SL/OS compatible grids. In this sense it would be the ancient homeworld of the ancestors, on whose shoulders we stand as we continue to reach for the heavens. In whichever direction that might be. Sansar and other places, etc.

Old Susanna

3rd party viewers might be coming to an end, that might be due to technical reasons of deploying the grid in amazons clouds server.

Masami Kuramoto

Linden Lab's claim that 3rd party viewers be an obstacle to AWS deployment is utterly dishonest. As I mentioned in my comment laat week, OpenSim has been running in the AWS cloud for years, and the only viewer currently NOT able to connect to it is Linden Lab's own! So yes, this is clearly just Linden Lab looking for another excuse to lock 3rd party viewers out of their grid.

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