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Monday, December 18, 2017


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Candida Whirwind

You don't have to go through all this trouble. Rigged mesh and mesh items are freely copied with the right viewer, and with the use of a third party tool, it can put together the rigging of an item from the viewer's cache and spit out a completely rigged dae for upload into SL. Has been out there for a while .

The people who sell ripped Gacha do so hidden in plain sight. No one is going to bother to check that the item is from a legit creator, if it's a great price they are going to buy it, end of. I think LL knows this also and they are not going to expend much resources to stop it.

patchouli woollahra

LL claimed previously that sim crashing and rollbacks to duplicate no-copy items was a ToS infringement that would lead to serious punishment. it's time for them to seriously put their money where their mouth is and come down hard on these folks - or this will keep happening as the ill-gotten gains outweigh the losses.

Clara Seller

All creators of conscience should stand up for justice and refuse to create Gacha ever again. Let it be stricken from the Marketplace and it's name never uttered from this day. Do not feed the beast. Gacha helps Trump. Gacha is out of fashion.

Whatever helps get rid of these Marketplace Tribbles.


Nobody freak out! LL are putting fees up on creators to fix this!!! Right??

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