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Monday, December 18, 2017


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Meh. First release is next March. The alpha-invite packages are not worth looking at for less than $150 USD. No sex. No cash-out economy. No actual content creation, simplistic customizing of game assets (pre-loaded textures or paint colors).

This is a cops and robbers game, inspired by GTA. Your character can be killed, with your inventory dropping to the ground to be collected by your killer. Murders will be common to give the player class of EMTs something to do.

They will allow players to work as government employees and/or political leaders. There will be a player controlled government that can set taxes to be paid by the community, and set the laws to be enforced by the police players (LOL!).

There will be no subscription fee, but there will be plenty of in-game purchases, and casinos that are not player-owned. Maybe a dopamine addiction lockbox or gacha system will be thrown in too, why not? Everyone else is doing it.

Not interested.

sirhc deSantis

A Hello Kitty shirt? Well, thats me sold.


I don't understand why people are interested in creating "the real world" in virtual worlds. Fantasy, imagination, originality, and creativity are what attracts me to a virtual space.

Eve Preiss

This is what Sansar should have been.

Estelle Pienaar

Sounds like Second Life minus fantasy and creativity....

Clara Seller

I made it through about 4 minutes of the above YouTube vid. Seriously, ewww.

The website promo was more impressive. It's seems like so much wasted talent and potential to shoot for such a low and creepy social bar. Seriously, ewwww.

sirhc deSantis

Well NorthernKiara, Estelle Pienaar And Clara Seller put it better than I did. Why when we have unlimited space for making ideas would we want to limit it to basically cops and (initial rude term deleted) scum. Or vice versa. GTA crowd and waste of potential. Second point being Silicon Bro (even if Canuck so go Habs go) echo shouting box. Merry Christmas also.

Carlos Loff

Nahhhhh, dont thonk sooo, nahhh


Hey there,
Here's the updated link: https://www.nerdmuch.com/games/5184/new-upcoming-mmos-2018-mmorpgs/

Thanks again!

Hamlet Au


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