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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Lawyers are in love with themselves, not their clients or the people their clients depend upon for their livelihoods.

mini god

i have read whole of your article and i really like it. Thanks for sharing.


The Second Life Youtube channel, owned by Linden Lab, has over 23,000 subscribers and a lot more content than the Linden Lab channel. That doesn't excuse what they did to Strawberry and others but your claim that Strawberry is 10x more influential is not supported by the numbers. I would guess her followers are more engaged.

I'm surprised you didn't know there is a SL Youtube channel separate from the Linden Lab channel.


Dartagan Shepherd

@Amanda: That may be true but collectively users promote SL far more than LL promotes SL.

In fact, everything LL makes is because of its users. They don't produce anything but a mechanism to make large amounts of money from users making micro-incomes.

Part of why I left and haven't looked back is because A) LL is horrible at development and business in general and B) because they treat users as a necessary evil.

I moved to game development and finally this coming year I'm going back to manufacturing where I'm in complete control of my income, marketing and have less middlemen like LL, and I'd rather work with my hands, which was my first love.

As an added bonus, my products will still be useful when the power goes out.


@Dartagan All that is true but this article and the headline are not only misleading but completely false. I have a hard time believing Hamlet doesn't know that the youtube channel he references isn't the main youtube channel for SL.

LL should hire people like Strawberry to promote SL. She'd be great for promoting the SL fashion world. LL has proven time and again that traditional corporate PR doesn't work for SL. I'd say traditional advertising does't work either but LL hasn't done that much advertising of any kind. They won't do it because they don't understand their own product.

Hamlet Au

Updated the post. In my Friday rush, I actually forgot LL had a separate SL channel and assumed SL videos were put in a playlist within the LL channel.

Clara Seller

Amanda is right about the numbers, but this whole ordeal highlights how being "right" isn't necessarily being smart.

You really have to hand it to Strawberry Singh. She's created a very powerful persona like Glenda The Good Witch. You definitely don't want to gun down her bubble as she flies over, even if she was trespassing.


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