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Friday, December 01, 2017


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Patchouli Woollahra

A wonderfully detailed facsimile of a Tokyo cityscape, but I do have concerns as to how much deeper the build can go - this build could never have been possible under the original 15k prim limit, and it's apparent conversion to mesh is inevitable for entire buildings as the build is down just 7000 prims of LI before any actual fittings beyond the station equipment, some vehicles and a few lightly kitted out shopfronts.

Or prehaps that was never the point - perhaps the place was meant to be a shell for whatever events, shoots or single tenant takes it in the end.


I like the build but the subway is actually the only trully good part. Everything above ground seems plain and lifeless. It looks like people build it and the civilisation broke down and no one ever got to live in that place.
I think it suffers from I often see in such city builds. It is too big. The buildings are too big, the rooms too wide and the textures too uniform. It is all sterile and empty and there is a distinctive lack of decorations an the little imperfections that truly make such a build masterful.

In SL ... I have often found that it is better to place less giant buildings and instead use the prims to properly decorate those that matter.

But it is still a nice build and I added it to my LMs for possible RP scenes ^-^

Chic Aeon

I went over to look simply because you mentioned "real life scale" which actually doesn't WORK in SL because you can't walk through doorways and the like LOL. In actuality while it may be very close to a real life layout, the scale is not "RL" :D. I stood next to some furniture and other areas and was dwarfed. SOME things are RL size however.

I didn't explore all that much but someone mentioned 7000 prims of LI (thinking they actually meant 7000li as prims and LI are not the same these days) and honestly that number boggles my mind.

I visited another build today at a very well-known SL venue. I went specifically as I couldn't see from the photo why on EARTH the build was that high in land impact. Visiting didn't answer that. It could have been a third of that with GREAT detail AND GREAT LODS.

So obviously five years into a mesh world, we still have plenty of issues with the makers :D.

There ARE people that will happily help with these problems. You can find them on the SL MESH forum!

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