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Friday, December 15, 2017


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Flashing Merlin
I use Second Life to stage scenes which I photograph and show in real life art galleries. I currently have work in the show, “A Political / Apolitical Holiday Show,” at Viridian Artists, 548 W. 28th St. #632, NY, NY 10001. Gallery phone: 212 414 4040. The show runs until December 30th.

The work is titled, “The Nude in Alien Nature,” and consists of a digital photo frame which shows a sequence of digital images which I originally published in the online graphic novel, http://www.Rabinart.com.

That novel tells the story of a real life artist, Bill Rabinovitch, who is invited to join a virtual gallery, ( http://www.QuatGallery.com) and show his work in Second Life. While in SL, Bill's avatar reads a headline declaring the Star Wars planet Tatooine, with two suns, has been located by astronomers in real life.

Bill has been so frustrated by the difficulties of surviving as a real life artist, that headline prompts him to have a fantasy about traveling to the Star Wars galaxy to learn how to use the Force in his art, and that's the fantasy chronicled in the graphic novel.

I chose “The Nude in Alien Nature,” for this political show because it's drawn from http://www.rabinart.com/chapter_17.htm wherein Bill discusses the political issues involved when an artist uses a nude image in his work.

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