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Thursday, December 07, 2017


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Masami Kuramoto

Federated consensus explained in a graphic novel:


Estelle Pienaar

If only he would understand a tenth as good what consumers want as he knows what investors want to hear...

Clara Seller

I really like Estelle Pienaar's comment.

I'm afraid that we, as consumers and people, have a really difficult road ahead. Philip Rosedale is pretty small potatoes compared to some of the more powerful sociopathic narcissists with "visions" we're going to have to contend with in our future. I think that we, the little people, are going to have to reclaim our hearts and minds before we are completely smothered in this insanity. Philip should focus on getting his contraption to fly and stop worrying about loading the human race on his latest Hindenburg.

Iggy 1.0

"They" know what "we" want before we even want it? I'm not so sure.

Philip Rosedale is a good salesman, but he is no Steve Jobs. Jobs may have simply gotten lucky with the iPhone or iPod before it. He could extrapolate well by looking at how folks were fighting their current devices, playing their music, taking photos, and communicating. The appeal of both devices and tablets has been the haptic interface; everything that came after moved to that standard.

But what's the extrapolation for widescale VR? Just because we are "someplace else" with our addictive phones does not mean that consumers want full immersion in a VW on a regular basis.

And given the looming end of Net Neutrality, and really, even with it, the US market at least would need a new and disruptive technology to bring us adequate bandwidth. Otherwise, under our telecomm monopolies the changes Rosedale talks about will never happen.

To me, his pitch is more Valley Kool-Aid aimed at luring investors. Speaking of Kool-Aid, we educators believed the same pitch a decade ago, and momentarily we embraced the hype about SL. Not going there again.

We can deliver distance education, which is where the money and consumers will be for mere credentialing, without VR or VWs. Those students and parents from the upper 10% of the US elite classes, plus a smattering of wealthy foreigners and "scholarship kids" from home, who want a residential experience will look to a small number of legacy, comprehensive schools, many of them offering boutique services and gateways to internships, the best jobs, and best postgraduate education.

Funny how we are getting a Cyberpunk future without VR and where the new bosses are the same as the old bosses, isn't it?

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