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Friday, December 22, 2017


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Chic Aeon

The only way to get a rigged mesh wearable to fit "correctly" (no need for alpha slots - this on mesh bodies) is to have the garmet RIGGED TO THAT BODY which also means that the designer has to have the body available to rig to in their 3D program :D. It can be done in SL and some designers to a fantastic job on clothes that do not only fit will with no alphas but CAN'T use alphas as there is so little OF them LOL. So kudos to those guys.

So unless Sansar wants to integrate the Sansar body into the Marvelous Designer software I don't see how this problem will disappear. Of course creative designers "might" make alternative bodies for Sansar like they have in Second Life. Then the story repeats there as it did here.

Cloud Party gave out the mesh body file. Perhaps Sansar does also (not their). IF they do give out the bodies that clothes are being made for, then it is up to the designers to do their work. It is HARD work and not fun from my perspective. So anyone willing to do that for the new platform deserves a few kudos and claps.

Also not that Linden Lab is actively recruiting SL clothesmakers for Sansar (via email and I received one even though I don't make clothes) -- so they know clothing and hair is important to the masses :D.

Ryan Schultz

Wagner, you only have to press one button (Simulate Cloth) after you select the garment from the clothing palette in Lookbook (the avatar preview window in the Sansar client software). You have to press the button for all clothing made using the Marvelous Desginer software. That's hardly a problem. And it's a lot easier than having to fiddle with the body alpha selections like you have to do in Second Life to get a garment to look right! You can also tug on your garment in Lookbook in Sansar to adjust it to your taste and style.

Just one button to press. That's it.

Ryan Schultz

Let's get one thing straight.

Wagner has rather deliberately picked the examples of what clothing looks like BEFORE pressing the Simulate Cloth button. In that very same blogpost he links to, there are images of what the dresses are correctly SUPPOSED to look like. I only included that image to show people how things *might* look if they forgot to press the Simulate Cloth button, to correct a typical newbie mistake.

As has been said before, you only have to press one button (Simulate CLoth) to get a Marvelous-Designer-created garment to fit properly. That's a great improvement over having to fiddle with alphas to get an SL garment to look good. Also, you can adjust the garment by tugging on it with your mouse, to adjust the sleeves, the collar, etc. to your taste and your style.


you're making a lot of assumptions here and obviously didn't read Ryans article, or try this for yourself. You can simulate the cloth and pull it around to fit yourself perfectly, even over other layers. One click.

Intentionally misleading your readers isn't doing anyone any favors.


You are trying to smear what is actually a really innovative feature.

Anyone who has actually used Sansar and tested that Simulate Cloth button knows it works in mere seconds. The feature allows clothing to conform naturally to the body's shape, which will potentially future-proof it for future bodytypes.

This and your other article titled "What Challenges Must Sansar Overcome" are both incredibly misleading and unprofessional. If you're going to report on something, please actually use it and test it for yourself. You wouldn't have written this article if you had any actual experience with this new feature.


I am loving Sansar. I lost interest in SecondLife because of weird social activity like this. No one needs to blame Wagner. He just has a misconception. No one needs to get all crazy eyes, and pitchforks.

Or .. was that the plan all along? In which case, I'm not a fan of manipulating emotions for media purposes. So, in either case, can it, and let's build beautiful worlds and beautiful experiences instead. Sheesh...

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