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Friday, December 08, 2017


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Aliasi Stonebender

Hey, now. In my defense, I think my answer really came to the same point. Just from the other way around - the designers tend to make things complex, as opposed to computer sucking.

Therese Tammas

I was going to say- I optimize my SL so I see beauty all the time. LL should always use high quality in their pics, I don't get why

I ignore FPS....if it's beautiful and if I don't lag, I'm fine....most times I get high textures and am rezzed in by 15 seconds. If I look at my FPS I do get 60 and above a lot , but I don't care about it

Chic Aeon

I read all the comments in the post.

Not new news; this has been talked about for years if not a decade.

I have a now 2.5 year old DESKTOP computer (true heft when purchased and purchased specifically for SL standards so that I CAN bake Cycles textures in Blender and film smoothly etc etc (and see the world as I would like to see it which can be glorious.

Ten years ago (and before when close friends joined) the same problems were evident. We were all already in the graphics and multimedia web industry and we STILL -- EACH one of us -- had to upgrade our graphics card in order to run SL in any viable way.

Yes, The Lab could (and in retrospect should) have put better safeguards for graphics and later mesh upload --- things that Cloud Party did and could run some pretty impressive stuff on the web YEARS ago. They did not.

They let anyone that could upload, upload mesh -- often illegal and super dense mesh made for renders and NOT game assets. That's what they did and we have to live with it.

There are PLENTY of well informed and good mesh makers that pay attention go Level of Detail, download rendering and physics models. The are balanced by both "hobbiest creators" that know very little as well as some top name brands who apparently don't care enough to pay attention.

It is what it is. Since SL will NEVER RUN WELL on an old computer with an integrated graphics card, those that are not willing or able to afford a better computer might as well move on and stop complaining as it will not change. Not only will it not change for Second Life --- The Lab apparently didn't really learn all that many important lessons and have noticeably repeated the same mistakes in Sansar.

On technical comment on machinima. I have never had issues recording on stable sims even when I had a less than premium computer. I use the old standby FRAPS and have for maybe seven years or so. Some of the free capture software out there works fine for recording desktop applications (as in tutorials which I use it for) but isn't ABLE to record higher than 10 fps so of COURSE it is going to be choppy. A good creator doesn't blame problem on their software; at the same time -- the software has to be able to do the job. So I suspect that was the reason for the "choppy filming" comments.

I run on the next to highest setting using Firestorm and have over 200 fps sometimes. I have shadows on always and DOF isn't an issue but only used for photos. It is often gloriously love -- especially if you understand how to control Windlight settings.

Again this is NOT a new computer. We all make our choices and mine lean heavily towards making my SL experience the best it can be.

Why? Because I LIVE HERE!


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