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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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It would be interesting to know how much freedom such a game offers in order to shape the society. Like ... is it possible to make the direct democracy of an actual anarchy based society or have it turn towards a different, maybe even extreme, political setting? Monarchy maybe, or a theocracy or some sort of science-meritocracy?

Such a game would be very interesting if done well.

Willow Dion

Yes, the idea is very interesting. I'm so tired of games that are kill kill kill.


A thing about these kinds of games and why they rarely go anywhere in terms of user uptake.

These types of games are made to be about us. How might we exploit our environment for our own benefit, while remaining on mutually good terms with our fellow exploiters who are also in it for their own benefit.

Personally I think that a far richer game would be one where there are also indigenous animals and people (bots) who live in the world. And we, the colonists, have to learn how to survive within this, and have to make hard decisions about what we do in terms of exploiting the planet's resources, which could be detrimental to the indigenous should we be greedy or uncaring.

This gives a colonist something to think about other than just themselves, when working with the other colonists to form a society and the governance of

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