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Friday, December 01, 2017


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Chic Aeon

A quick walk though search shows these INWORLD group numbers so looking them up might be a starting place. I don't "Facebook".

15207 for LAQ decor

12551 for Zen Creations

8947 for Apple Fall

4107 for Dysfunctionality also know as [DDD]

3750 for Cheeky Pea

I couldn't find many inworld brands in your list under groups although I probably didn't have the exact name but Chez Moi had 2200 inworld as a comparison.

romun stunder

yeah agree with Chic Aeon majority do not use facebook, and facebook groups dont work well for SL. Quite a few big names not even listed here that have well over 20-50k in SL groups with customer base that could very well be hundreds of thousands if not millions and do very well and have great stuff

Zen Creations by Zhoie Zimermann, React by Akaesha Revnik, Inverse by Novocaine Islay, GW InfernosChill, Trompe Loeil by cory edo possibly a few more i missed that are all giants

romun stunder

hat to dig into groups..
In order of SL groups, some more numbers
REACT 27,000 members
VISTA 18,000 members
LAQ 15,000 members
ZEN 10,000 members
PRIMPOSSIBLE 5000 members
TNT 3300

Wagner J Au

The official Facebook page for SL has nearly 400,000 subscribers:


Given there's about 600,000 active SL users, it's likely *most* of them use Facebook at least to some degree.

Chic Aeon

@ romun

I didn't even CHECK groups that were not H and G (Home and Garden) as that was the list presented LOL. But yes, likely MANY others if you expand the search.

And @Wagner. Of all the RL folks that I know that are in SL daily NONE of them use or have a Facebook account. So your preferences may very NOT show the actual statistics. For me the SL group statistics are a better gauge.

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