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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


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Han Held

Well ...this is obviously bullshit on it's face.

Someone who is sincere about doing something (tangible) about age bias in avatar representation wouldn't do a younger remodel.

They would instead throw money, publicity and word-of-mouth at the avatar creators who actually make more diverse ranges of avatars (including non-cartoonish middle-age avatars).

Eye candy is all fine and well. But if your actual goal is to make any kinda real impact; then throw your change towards the people who are making the content that lines up with your alleged values.

Han Held

"it’s freaking hard to dress an older guy!! Seriously, go take a look at basically every men’s store in SL. The clothes are generally geared towards guys who are under 35 years old. Unless he wanted to wear a suit all of the time (which I wasn’t against, to be honest) there were very few options for someone who looks 50+."

Gah! Because middle-aged guys never wear jeans or teeshirts? Because casual wear won't fit somehow on an avatar that has some wrinkles?

So, so many things to facepalm about here; and not enough hours in the day

Same old Same old

Mesh was supposed to be this great thing , instead everyone just looks like clones of clones of clones. No individuality, just plunking down cash for the same generically boring look. This instance is no different.

Alicia Chenaux

@Han Held - Who is trying to make an impact? We just wanted a new look for him. LOL! Not everything is that serious. It's Second Life. Any of us can look like a senior citizen one day, a supermodel the next, and a cat the day after that. It's all for fun. It's honestly not that serious. :)

But in regards to clothing, you'd be very surprised how many items he's bought over the past almost 2 years that he's worn the older skin that really SHOULD have worked, but somehow did not work at all.

Han Held

@Alicia Chenaux; first, I'm glad you took the time to come here and post.

The write-up makes it sound as if you were striking some bold political statement, though maybe that's down to Hamlet more than you. :)

Apart from that -I agree 110%! Secondlife (and opensim, and Sinewave Space, and...) has a lot of draws and a major one is the ability to craft avatar to fit whatever mood strikes you. Secondlife can be as serious as you want it to be ...but it definitely can just be about dressing up, too. It's all good. One isn't any more valid than the other and it's fine to even switch between the two uses too (I certainly do).

I generally play younger characters but I've toyed with the idea of making my male alt more like my RL self (which would mean making him older). I think eventually I'll end up doing that and then seeing what you mean (I'm not sure if I'll feel the same way, but I'll at least see it!)

Gwenette Writer Sinclair

Why would someone want to keep up with a bias versus live to express your own creativity and sense of self. Bias, by definition, has a foundation of prejudice. One has to be "this" way not "that" way, because we all know what people who are "that" way are like. Do we now?? Alicia appears to be a SL fashion blogger so I get why she generated this rather thoughtless post, but I am mystified as to why it appears in NWN without some perspective and a dive into the psychology of why MMOs ALL have idealized, oversexualized humans and heroes - and anything remotely evil is usually disfigured. I get the mythos; I get the fantasy desires... but marginalizing "real" people in virtual worlds is part of a much bigger problem than not being able to find age-appropriate virtual fashion! That problem - and how virtual world denizens could actually contribute to a solution - would be worthy of discussion.

Loquacia Loon

Trouble is with older looking skin appliers/skins - they never truly represent RL you because the wrinkles are in the wrong places. We earn our lines through our life experiences. No-one else is going to replicated that. I'd rather my avatar represented an inner spiritual self.

Loquacia Loon


To my eyes, the 'older' avatar looks about 35 - 40, slight Hugh Jackmanish. No where near 50+.

Han Held

In my opinion, the before photo is a plausible 50. A soft-living 50, but believable enough (for me, at least;a lil grey in the hair wouldn't go wrong but most salt-and-pepper hairs I've seen have been horrible)

Clara Seller

If I didn't have any back story, I would say that the first picture is a more inspiring look.

The latest male formula seems to be something like: Catwa Daniel head, Signature mesh body, and Stray Dog skin. Plunk a poo-ball mesh hair on top of it and pose it with various disposable backdrops available on marketplace.

These brands are very good. Unfortunately, the problem with monotonous republication is that the weaknesses tend to scream at you while the strengths fade into normalcy. No, bento has not really fixed this problem. All of those smiling mannequin faces still look alike.

madeline blackbart

@han held....it's probably down to Hamlet. He's very into making political statements....

Iggy 1.0

This old guy likes the old guy on the L better.

Well, this sort of "problem" makes me stop and be thankful that I am barely active in SL these days.


I like the guy on the left

I get though that Alicia wanted to update his tech. Classic avatar is so yesterday for a fashionarti, and when take your ancient-looking, long-suffering no doubt, hubby to a inworld soiree then the other bloggers will totally talk about you, with polite yet scathing undertones. muwah! muwah! dahlinks

:D :)

Personally I would try tone down the poor wee man to make him feel more like himself. A skin shade closer to his normal would do wonders for him, to make himself feel that it is actually himself he is looking at, and not some mannequin found in a magazine. I probably cut his hair as well, style it more toward a gentleman, of stately gravitas and demeanour, which he clearly is, rather than a cut more suited to a backup dancer for J-Lo.

hair and skin tone would I think be the thing to transform him truly. He will have all the new tech, a new spring in his step, a twinkle in his dancing shoes, and the wandering eyes of all the ladies all over him at the next soiree

oh! wait. Everything except the last part about wandering eyes. I was getting ahead of myself there :)

Lilith Hextera

I'd love to know where this bias is coming from in your mind. I've seen avatars of all sorts all over the place. There may be a bias on how people perceive people they want to get in bed with or the like, but that is a bias more on making sure it looks like people are putting work into their avatars and sort of keeping up a bit.

There is more modern stuff that would of worked just fine, but it is seemingly like you tried to make him look like everyone else.

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