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Wednesday, December 06, 2017


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Ilsa van den Broeck

is it right? no... I hope that LL recognizes the mistake and improves on it. Second Life's big... BIG advantage over Sansar at this point is that with so many people making AOs and poses, you can pretty much put together the AO you want (mine is a bit "to confident" for a woman supposedly), and can put poses in your chairs for whatever you like.
my question though, Wagner is did the people trying to create change approach Linden Labs and try to create allies, or did they just shoot from the back row? (I read your article and theirs and did not see where they had approached Linden Labs)
That said I still stand by my post the other day -
"Wagner James Au, can you do us all a favor and pass along our heart felt thanks to Philip Rosedale for making SL a place where everyone can feel safe with their sexuality and how they express it.
My partner and I have been partners since before we moved to Second Life... Because of the bravery? risk taking? blind luck? whatever you want to call it of people like Philip Rosedale, what at the time, and even to this day is a charged issue, marriage equality, in Second Life is an easy reality.
It is not a huge step, but to paraphrase Martin Luther King, it is long, but the arc of history bends towards justice for all."

Ryan Schultz

Thanks for the shout-out, Wagner!


War on gender by 1% of the population while most of the world loughs at the stupidity.

Wagner J Au

It's not strictly an LGBT issue -- most consumers are not familiar with MMO-type avatars, and so many are uncomfortable with choosing ANY gender or even a human-like avatar, preferring a cartoonish videogame-type character they don't necessarily associate with themselves so personally. Linden Lab briefly had a non-gendered starter avatar of that type -- a cute fucking robot.

Aliasi Stonebender

TnT, this has nothing to do with a "war on gender".

Some ladies like to RIDE A HORSE PROPERLY, and not in a "ladylike" way.

CronoCloud Creeggan

Aliasi has a good point, they could have had the horse have the option to ride it either standard OR sidesaddle as the rider chose. I've had riding horses over the years in SL and have ridden BOTH ways depending on location and outfit.

And the "lady-ness" of the archer with her dress surprised me. When I think of lady archers in SL I think of The Blogging Elf.

Even Arwen's riding outfit in the Fellowship movie wasn't a dress, it was a flowy overcoat over pants.

madeline blackbart

I mean you used to be able to be a ship or car or whatever...how much more "non-gendered" can you get? It just seems that not many wanted to be those as you rarely saw them when they were available TBH. In fact, if you look at SL most users are pretty clearly portraying one gender or another. Even people who are trans or "femboy" tend to conform to gender norms for one gender or the other in the way the dress and look. I don't think I'm being unrealistic in saying that the majority of users WANT to look one gender or the other. I don't think it's wrong for LL's to focus on characters that appeal to the majority of users. As well the characters riding the horses are supposed to be historical. If I'm not mistaken it was common for women to ride side-saddle in the past.

That said why LL's just doesn't let the new user design their outfit from a small selection of items when they first join I'll never know. If people could pick they're clothes (either during sign up or first few moments in the world) then this wouldn't really be an issue. The premade characters have always been unsatisfactory to new users and IMO a LOT of that has to do with the fact they're already decided for the user. Why couldn't experiences be used to create a hud system for new users to create theyre own avatar?

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