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Wednesday, December 20, 2017


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Monica Querrien

Even though it's informative to see how other vloggers pulled some of their videos as as precaution to LL's initial reaction, I would much prefer to hear from Dazza and others who actually received notice from LL.

I hope we can find out who else was sent a notice, so that the community can support them as well. Vlogging Second Life content was growing in popularity. I would hate for something like this to stifle growth and discourage current and future vloggers from posting.


I pulled all my stuff and stopped promoting SL long ago before I had to say, "Fool me once, shame on you..."

Isabelle cheren

Iv e been contacted on Reddit by someone whose friend had legal action taken. I think the rather sad thing is that the general population of SL certainly doesn’t have the money to fight any legal battles. So the fear they suffer is probably far worse than the financial implication of a legal battle when they’re alone and all they’re doing is defending a fun video they made.
I agree all the other people need the apology too

Dartagan Shepherd

@Isabelle: Oh you don't get to do a legal battle with SL. By using the platform you agreed to arbitration. The deck is stacked against you no matter what.

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