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Thursday, January 11, 2018


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Huckleberry Hax

I visited RP1 today. I think it's a different sort of experience than 2077, more of an exhibition than an immersive environment. Its level of detail and texturing is undeniably stunning, and they have gone to town on using structures which cast all manner of interesting and beautiful shadows. Were I a VR user, this alone might well keep me in there for a good while. As a desktop user, however, I have to say that the thing I found most interesting after about 15 minutes of walking around and spotting all the various SF artefacts was listening to the reactions of the CES booth visitors entering and experiencing VR for the first time.

Oh, and it's also quite difficult to find from the Sansar starting page. It could be better promoted and signposted.


I only went into Sansar for the first time the other day, and I was impressed with the textures. The base line in there with materials and textures is obviously going to be better than Second Life which has stuff going back to 2003. 2077 is an impressive place. I wandered around there and took a bunch of pics. It did remind me of Ready Player One a bit, because Max Headroom seemed to be playing in one of the videos.

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