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Monday, January 15, 2018


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Bixyl Shuftan

I imagine if there's a rule about being an ethnic avatar, it's similar to one rule of drawing humans: avoid sterotypes. Perhaps it's because I see sterotyping not so much as hateful but foolish, but avatar appearance isn't really that big a deal to me.

David Endrizzi

"If you aren't black, the luxury of throwing on a black skin and playing black should make you think about why you want to do that."
So says the white guy Second Life blogger.

Indeed, the blog post makes me wonder what questions somebody might have me ask myself when I purpose to wear my Gollum avatar.


The division of races in SL is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in 7 years and it's something I know exists, I've lived it. I am European, my paternal origins are from europe and my mother is latin, my father blond... blue eyes, my mother brunette with green eyes and not frizzy hair. My real traits is tanned skin without curly hair and green eyes, in SL opt for an avatar of color because I love black people as much as white, my girlfriend is black from Kenia is beautiful. What did I discover? In many adult sims the male black avatars are well appreciated, the same does not happen in other types of sims, in a very famous auto shop I went to buy 3 cars in a single purchase about 9,000 L $, but I had some doubts, I watched the help person went fast to talk to some people who arrived long after me, a few minutes later they left, I asked him if he could help me and he finally approached me, after talking For a few minutes about the cars I bought those 3 and this person was surprised, I asked him to tell me about the car ourchased by those people (I really wanted to know if they bought one) and he answered "they didn't buy any", I replied to him that sometimes a good customer is the least expected. I don't know how is to be a person of color in the US (the country where more SL residents are) but if they move their stereotypes (both ... black and white people) SL is free to fly, teleport, build, unite thousands of people of different origins, cultures, religions and we are going to tie up ourselves to a skin color? that is extremely ridiculous and immature. At least from my POV.

Nalates Urriah

Racists make it about race. Fascists tell you what you have to think and do about race. All have lost touch with reality.

Prejudice, hate, and intolerance are well and thriving in SL.

The most surprising part is the Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell dystopia is coming to life. Everything is upside-down and/or reversed. Those demanding tolerance are the least tolerant. The loudest voices against fascism are the most fascist in action. The home of free speech, Berkley, is the most opposed to free speech. And it is all a part of SL.

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Aliasi Stonebender

Some of the stereotyping is pretty shameless (someone going for a 'urban gangsta' look, for example). I've had a number of darker-skinned avatars, but avatar design is a large part of what I *do* in Second Life; if I feel like my mecha-centaur girl should seem like some kind of mixed-race for the concept in my head, she's gonna be brown.

(And one of my 'default' avatars is black-skinned... but also, you know, humanoid dragon. I don't think black scales are quite what they had in mind.)

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