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Thursday, January 04, 2018


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Marvelous Designer is not the only way to create clothing for Second Life. There are already clothes for sale in Sansar that are not made with Marvelous Designer.

New World Notes comes across as very anti-Sansar. Why is that?


The perversion of the word 'democratize' is corporate-clown-speak for 'get-freely-screwed-dummy'.

-Dr What.


Not everyone makes clothing for profit. Some just like to do it for free. And the cost of using MD just to do things for free is not ideal, which is why I use Blender. But, I can't use Blender because the Simulate Cloth option within Sansar is proprietary to MD imported clothing. If the price was more along the lines the cost of a Creative Cloud Photography plan ($10/month), I would more likely consider it. Otherwise, maybe LL should consider developing their own clothing simulation solution that any 3D program could work with. And then maybe, just maybe, they could implement their universal solution into SL as well.

@Susan - Correct, but you lack the "Simulate Cloth" option available because it was not made in MD. You can see from the following example that Medhue demonstrated.

Wagner J Au

"very anti-Sansar."

I'm actually very pro-Sansar as it was presented by Linden Lab -- as a democratic platform like WordPress!

Skygirl Kline

I think in fairness what they meant is that normal everyday users could buy items from marketplace and create experiences without complicated learning or paying for software subscriptions.

Kate Miranda

I'm reserving judgement but doubt I'll be participating.

Without social and cultural experiences in Sansar, no one will be there long to buy furnishings or clothing. As one of the longtime live music event organizers in Second Life I'm not aware of any attempt to reach out to folks like me or events like I organize. I was passed up as a beta-tester as apparently soft content like music events wasn't "content creation" in their minds.

After bringing people inworld weekly since 2007 I'm getting more than a little tired of having the importance of events and their organizers ignored. If you chart the decline of rich content offerings of music, visual arts, live music, and concurrent log ins on SL, I suspect you'll find a parallel and while that doesn't prove that it is causative, I believe it is one factor for declining interest. Every week-end when I don't have something organized and I'm inworld, people log in ask me if anything is happening on our series.... and log off when the answer is "no". Multiply that by all the music venues that have closed over the years.

Clara Seller

Calling Wagner J Au "anti-Sansar" is pretty disingenuous. I think he's kind and generous about the subject of Sansar. I'm glad he isn't just a LL propagandist. Sansar has in-your-face problems that are way beyond a good coat of paint and a slick sales job. If you're going to make Sansar an "either you're with us or against us" argument, then the tribe has spoken.

Kate Miranda brings up some great points that highlights the big elephant in the Sansar room. There's a small group of tone deaf people invested in Sansar who seem only concerned with serving their own narcissism. This isn't "Field of Dreams". People aren't coming just because you built it.


@Kate - There have been discussions made using music events or DJ'ing as an example case scenario. Things such as where someone is DJ'ing, but there's a max capacity of users. People were wondering how LL plans to deal with max capacities and perhaps spill the extra users into additionally created instances. Also, Torley Linden has become more visible on the team for the past several months. At first, he wasn't there, but he has been for a while now. Torley is dealing with audio related things and he's a super cool person to talk to and is passionate about it. He's fairly active in #sansar Discord channel and loves to hear audio related questions.

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