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Tuesday, January 02, 2018


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Interesting, the most voted are from many months ago, even 1 year. Look at how much LL cared of them. Did LL do a simple thing as adding numbers on the Atlas after 1 year? And that was the most voted feature request. Are them afraid to show zero avatars almost everywhere perhaps? But if they want to make Sansar social, they should at least help people to meet other people. Among the request there was a progress bar request too (to be displayed if something takes more than 30 seconds), which would be easy to implement, at least in the loading screen, and would have been useful for people with slower connections and to prevent them to think their client froze during the long download times. That request was from 6 months ago, before the first public release. Cara did read it and answered. LL then released Sansar, still not implementing the progress bar, leaving their new costumers confused and getting even more disappointment. Did LL hurried to add it then? Nope. It doesn't look like LL is caring much of those feedbacks so far.


ROFL, literally the only valid request in the list above is showing how many avatars are in an experience. All the rest are DUMB, at this stage. Take note that ANIMATION is not on that list. That tells you the morons voting on these. Pretty much, every serious developer wants and needs animation before LL does anything else at all. It's ridiculous that Sansar doesn't have an animation system yet. If LL doesn't start taking animation seriously in Sansar, it, Sansar, will just become a HUGE time waster and money pit.

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