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Monday, January 29, 2018


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I purchased one of these via the marketplace. I am pleased, but must highlight a few points. First, this really is a bit tricky to install. The marketplace purchase just points you to a website where you need to download and unzip files. Then you need to copy them over manually to various locations. (BTW - unless you are a Mac-person, ignore the video and just follow the text files that come with the download.)

Further -at least in Firestorm- you need to go to "Preferences>Firestorm>Windlight" and change your default cloud from "default" to some other .tga file. Then you need to reboot. This will change the cloud pattern, but to really see something exceptional you need to figure out how to change the Windlight settings from "region specific" to "fixed" and do a bit more poking around. When all is said and done, these do look cool. I certainly got my Linden's worth, but it was not a trivial process.

One unexpected benefit of working through all this is that it highlights the fact that -again, perhaps just in Firestorm- there are alternative cloud and sky settings built into the viewer - much more than there used to be.

Again Davros' files are impressive and worthwhile, but I encourage Firestorm users to also check out their existing capabilities.

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