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Wednesday, January 03, 2018


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7.000 too few.

But it works for Desktop Users. We dont need VR equipment.

I have tested VR chat and is somewhat inconsistent.
It looks even weaker than high fidelity grafically, no much better in performance.
This is fun? Not to me.
It also have a very demanding hardware like any other.
Sl is the future one. Near future or even more.

Vurt Konnegut

This is without doubt one to keep an eye on. It has that internet pre FB vibe going on.

Skygirl Kline

Another less known side to VRchat is that users can create and upload their own rooms/experiences using current AAA game graphics and PBR substances for Free (using the dev kit supplied for Unity)
The lobbys are crazy funny too and it has desktop mode so you dont need VR to pick objects or play the games!

Tim King

From what I see, VRChat looks to be attracting mostly young kids. They get a kick out of being utterly rude, ridiculous, and thuggish. Not my cup of tea. Will there be a more intellectual side to VRChat some day? I hope so.


How awful. This looks like the very worst of SL info hubs. I haven't willingly been to one of those in years.

Cybele  Moon


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