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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


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Not everything finds its use as intended. If people thought that gaming is the way forward, then they will have to wait long to get traction. I personally believe that there is more to be gained by moving away from what I call the "Id satisfier" and looking for uses in other, must-have-to-meet-serious-need categories: Healthcare, education, simulator-training - these are the points of discovery, and of sustainability of the category - companies investing in these will find the room to make mistakes, get real feedback and make better products that will survive changing tastes and fancies. Consider this: The Hummer Vs the Humvee. I would stretch this to self-driving cars - surely all this AI tech could be tested by shipping and airline companies before they decide to put driverless cars on the roads. And if you have to move forward, it will begin with gated communities like residential homes and hospitals and airports (yes, there are real driverless cars speeding around Ca, but traction...?). To me, no surprises, here.


It is a shame that Google did not back up Cardboard more. They had such a good momentum.


Classic hype cycle stuff. I wrote about VR illness (like motion sickness) and found that at least 10% of the population can't adapt to VR. Stats like that will predict a slide into a niche market at best. We've been teased with VR since the Oculus Rift Dev kit 1 showed up, and we were told it would be just around the corner... next year... VR is the biggest thing since sliced bread... Nope.


Well; probably Cory sold Zuckerberg on Oculus Rift and made a tidy profit.

TonyVT Skarredghost

I too expected a growing trend and I'm surprised by these data. But I'm not surprised by the fact that 2017 was a bad year for VR: every journalist has talked bad about this technology saying that it is dead... and this has influenced the audience

CronoCloud Creeggan

One of the reasons Sony is selling more headsets is because PSVR is THE least expensive entry point into a full INTERACTIVE non-mobile VR experience. Not only that but Sony has most of the better VR content.

That said, some VR content on PS4 has a non-VR option as well. Relatively recently both EVE Valkyrie and Star Trek Bridge Crew gained the option to play them without PSVR.

In many more words: 2017 sales of "full VR" rigs were flat or even negative, with Rift shipping slightly more HMDs in 2016 than 2017, and HTC Vive shipping less last year than the year before.

By those numbers, PC VR sales are only down in 2017 if you exclude Windows MR. That seems a bit arbitrary, as the Odyssey at least is apparently a fairly decent system overall.

Again by these figures, sales of all PC and console VR systems are up except for the most expensive, the Vive, which was $800 US for most of 2017. That seems to support optimism that future PC VR price reductions will improve sales: especially an end to the cryptocoin-driven GPU cost (and availability) crisis.

It also has to be said that people with inside information have publicly expressed skepticism about the SuperData numbers: https://twitter.com/PalmerLuckey/status/959172783765729280

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