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Thursday, February 15, 2018


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Large Marge

Certainly some troll brought that too your attention as the reduced population is filled with special snowflakes now compared to 8 years ago when the place was jamming with cool people.. now they go to VRChat.

seller stole the model from here

Sneaky Hobbit

Oh, and I'm sure by now, the person who ripped the model, from the ios game, who is listing said model in XNALara format, is aware that it's now in SL.
And, I am sure the Marvel/Disney and game-maker lawyers are aware of both the ripping and hosting of said model on DA, and also aware of the subsequent selling of said model in SL. They are probably just waiting till there's enough money being made, from all the illegal usage of all Disney IPs (Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilms, etc) to warrant sending the sharks in.
Or, maybe, since SL is now so insignificant they don't feel it's worth their time chasing such a small target.

And, isn't CBS still keeping their beady eyes on all the Star Trek stuff in SL?


Thanks everyone for the links now i got so much rigging to do with bringing these models in hehe

Terrarium tv apk

I watched the movie and it is amazing. I would take everyone and anyone to see this movie. The characters are great, the story is beautiful and is the best Marvel movie so far. Black Panther deserves all the love and praise.

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