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Monday, February 26, 2018


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Right now, those with VR headsets are going wherever others with VR headsets are. That isn't a lot of places when it comes for virtual worlds. VRChat is popular now but people will tire of Ugandan trolling soon enough. Sansar is still in beta and has a lot more coming. I think it was smart of them to build their own game engine rather than rely on Unity as Sinewave Space and VRChat have done. It may take longer to get all the goodies that the others have from the start, but it will pay off later on. Sansar won't have broken content if Unity changes. Sansar certainly has more user-friendly creation than the Unity SDK. They made a very smart alliance with Marvelous Designer and I suspect we'll see more of that kind of thing coming up. I don't give much credit to anyone who says Sansar will never be a success at this point in the game.


That Ski school graduate running SL sure knows what he's doing.


Take note, that he makes content. See, goofing around is all cool and stuff when you're a kid, and have no incentive to be productive. As you actually grow up, being productive is kind of a requirement. You can sweat it out in a factory, or sit at a desk doing meanless work. Or, you can learn a little about 3D, and build a business in some of the most free market environments with little to no creative limit, working alone, with friends, or on a team. I mean, making a place to DERp around in is fricken easy. Just about any platform can do that. Creating a complex platform that allows for the range of human fun and interaction that rivals, or surpasses the real world, that is difficult. Derping doesn't pay the bills, and eventually, these kids will need jobs. What better job could there be, than creating things out of nothing, like a GOD?


Sansar will ever stay a major flop, generally, as slong as it takes more than 20 aeconds to log into an experience, anyway.

About "gamers": Gamers want action, and there simply isn´t "action" at Sansar. Unfortunately the recent major "action" is boiled down to a few minutes of login attempts, while the available "action" after this action is not worth the spent time at all. And if there is a tiny little bit of "action", it´s buggy, boring after five minutes and/or pretty clueless.

Gamers also want other gamers to share a task or activity or whatsoever with. And because there are no gamers in a game hostile environment....forget it.

So far Sansar is a 3D sighteeing tour with sandbox character, and even this sightseeing tour does not justify the amount of time and attention it demands.

Maybe in 10 years or so.

Clara Seller

I have to agree with Susan, because she's never been wrong. The genius of Sansar creators has been their ability to ostracize nearly everyone who contributed the vast resources in it's creation. Phase One, the Promise Phase, was the wealth transfer and secret construction. The current Phase Two is depletion and stagnation, much like creating a desert from a fertile river valley. Phase Three is the Patience Phase. When every other idea on Earth has failed, the vast wasteland of Sansar will be ready to embrace it's people much like the Great Mohave embraced the Natives. It's all very logical if you don't think about it.

Jaimy hancroft

Thanks for the comment of the week
lil side note ima female gamer xD
and i allso create in SL.
Anyways doesnt matter

i stand by my statement , and I completely disagree with Susan.
The places to be for this type of entertainment is youtube, twitch, etc .. And streamers don't stream these type of 'look at this museum worlds' as much as games and others.
Sansar has a loooooooooooooongg way to go ,by the time all these 'phases' are over ... let's say 8 years before its -AMAZING-, by then maybe 50 more places like VRchat/hifi/sinespace/sansar have popped up and sansar will get swallowed into it, theyre to slow for the fast moving technology /games etc.
but then again that's just me.

allso some of these 'kids' derping around on twitch with 200.000+ followers and subscribers .. make a decent amount of money , alot of them doing this full time.

I agree with Vivivenne , It's just never going to be huge, i'm not saying it will never have any succes whatsoever ,but it won't reach what theyre aiming for.

Now, back to PUBG and fortnite :p

jaimy hancroft

And here we are today , with LL selling sansar :)

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