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Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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Chong Kaixiang

It would help, Hamlet, if they weren't so uppity about geographical restrictions so early in the life of VR. Folks who aren't in NBC's service area simply cannot use this app even if they are interested. VR enthusiasts are a very small group,and the Venn intersection between them and those who can access NBC is frankly going to be even smaller.


Putting on a VR helmet makes me feel and look like a goober.

Eric Claeys

This isn't VR. There is no stereoscopic depth - it's just 360 video with headtracking. True VR has depth and it's incredibly immersive, but it REQUIRES dual 360 cameras. If this flat stuff keeps being promoted as "VR" people will lose interest thinking "it's kinda neat but not that impressive". It's not google cardboard or the phone's fault (they're entirely capable of great vr and there are some incredible experiences you can view) - it's literally the difference between 1 image cloned for both eyes, and 2 images from 2 separate cameras.

ios man

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TonyVT Skarredghost

The feedback on this app is terrible. I've not read a single positive review...

Chriss Woody

This is just 360 content with Head Trackking!

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