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Tuesday, February 06, 2018


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Saint Isidore

Where do you get your 'especially SL content creators' data from please? Every content creator I know except one or two use windows. I don't even think it's 'incredibly popular among 3D artists', especially given some industry standard 3D applications run only on windows.

The problem with VR is only a few people are interested. It's a very 90s idea bearing a resemblance to those tropes used in the Lawnmower Man and Tron. Nobody needs a virtual world, it provides no added value beyond novelty such as an exhibit in a museum.

The telephone was a great invention because it enabled communication across large distances; it provided extra value over using a pen, paper and the mail service. The 'sell' that the added value to VR is socializing doesn't hold water for me. There's no need to enable new ways to socialize, this is better served outside in the real world with human to human contact. Indeed, even our visions of society in our science fiction movies show us communicating with nothing more than a video call.

Grid Famous Games

great article, but the click-bait style headline made me throw up a little.

David Cartier

I gave up on Apple when they stopped making large laptops, and I needed one. I haven't looked back. And if people had given the Windows Phone a fair shake, it was actually fairly adequate. I've been in Sansar, and while the rocket museum thing is rather fun, the whole thing is a bloody bore; fuckung dull in fact. When there is shopping, or they make having a five pound box on one's head, comfortable, when one is attempting to engage in simulated sex, perhaps the crowds will venture into Sansar.

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