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Wednesday, February 07, 2018


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Montana Hanna

I gave up any hope of Sansar it just is not up with the times with almost everyone myself knowing using cell phones to be online not $2500 Home computers
Imagine they just decided to upgrade SL from the very beginning as two grids SL & SL2.0 it would have made more sense
someone is going to come along blowing Sansar and High Fidelity right out of the water you just wait and see!

Erik Mondrian

For a company based in San Francisco—and especially one running a long-established, highly diverse platform like Second Life—you'd think they'd have more understanding (without having to be told!) of the nuances of self-presentation and the risks involved in forcing a one-to-one relationship between real and virtual identities.


In an era when we have Facebook, right there, as an example of how real name policies don't do anything to make people "play nice", I find even the basic premise baffling.

That they somehow missed all of the previous blow ups, that their staff was sufficiently cloistered to think that everyone feels safe having names out in public, those I find less surprising. They might be in SF, but I would expect given their size and age that they've largely shifted to median SV culture.


Using real names was considered as an option to have people be nicer. It was a good sentiment if not a good idea. When that became obvious the idea was dropped.

New World Notes seems to be always looking for ways to make Sansar look bad. Why is that?


This was an idea that was dropped before Sansar was well off the ground and long before it opened to the public. This makes Linden Lab look good.

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