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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


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Ilsa Hesse

maybe they should have not laid off those 12 people and moved to shorter hours on support... bad mojo...


Looks like a major DDoS attack. For what idiotic reason ever.

Jeremy Dyde

It's strange that, if it is much wider, that there is little in the news about it. Perhaps I am searching for the wrong thing but, the other day, if I did "shooting Florida" (ok, perhaps it is more major) I would get many hits even though the news was just coming out yet I get nothing searching for "DDos attacks." I got here from the only link when I added "second life many today" to the string. Obviously it isn't too newsworthy ;)


InWorldz is hit badly, too.


Having worked in multi media companies for over 15 years, I think only having to lay off a dozen people is seriously not bad, the very last time I was laid off I was one of 200 just in my state. My company was in more than half of the United States. I know how all these people feel and the last thing that I was going to do was a DDOS attack. Facebook is not even fun anymore, it's the same post over and over again, I can't get on to Second Life. Is anybody else having problems. I even saw one posting asking how long the VR had to be down in order for them to get compensation for their lost income. Holy crap. I don't know if these people do not own Netflix or maybe a game on their phone but maybe they should invest in one. I can honestly tell you that Linden Labs does not want everyone pissed off. I feel for all the IT people working their ass off trying to figure out where these are coming from, normally they are easy to take care of and reroute but apparently along with technology, the attacks are getting more complicated. Welcome to real life


Not surprising. SL has been a major farce for various and obvious reason. Time to move on to better things.


We are hit to. Nothing works. Getting more coffee. Reading a book while it blows over.


Second Life has got to go.

Like Anon said, Second Life has been a major fail to begin with.


Such a pity attackers don't know how to use all their tech-savvy to do anything constructive. What a waste of intelligence.

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