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Thursday, March 29, 2018


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...wants to show that SL isn't what people think it is
...turns into softcore porn

Stereotype affirmed!


This is a great problem that second life has. This sim and all others, are personal experiences created within the platform called second life. It is up to anyone who creates there to create whatever they desire. This freedom is what makes SL special, far more special than the restrictive RL world of games. If someone creates a porn game with Unreal Engine people do not label Epic with a porn label. SL is a free space for anyone to create what they will. I hope it remains that way and is not rendered impotent by external pressure from narrow minds. How does that free speech quote go,
"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." 

madeline blackbart

@Johnc I get what you're saying and totally agree but Taylor has a point. Unfortunately, Second Life has a reputation that was created by unscrupulous reports looking for whatever they felt would shock people. Videos like this kinda further that stereotype that Second Life is a den of perverts. I mean it does help people see SL as not an ugly game which is good and personally I like the video despite its sexual undertones. Honestly, I've found most people don't remember Second Life all the much anymore so now is probably a good time to give it a good image if Linden Labs/SL Users want but we will have to be careful about what parts of it are highlighted. Right or wrong sexualized content is still looked down on by the general public especially in videogames.


Then the general Public are in a bad way. But that is as it always will be. Just do what you do, if it makes you happy. Never do what you think you should, and with all your heart never do what the General public dictate is right


Sim seems to be gone now. No word or anything. Sim has a new name and seems to be cleared out.


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