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Wednesday, March 07, 2018


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Sinespace is beautiful and Adam is brilliant in how he has used the Unity game engine to develop it. The volumetric lighting, PBR materials, motion blur, cloth physics - all amazing aspects of Unity. The only downside is the avatars. Second Life avatars look better.


Susan: we'll get there! There's been big improvements to the avatar last year, and a lot more to come this year. :)


I'm sure the ski school graduate at LL will come up with something better.


Hamlet Au

Wow why so negative about ski school? Sean White went from winning gold medals for snowboarding to building a big brand for himself with product endorsements (including game tie-ins), a huge music festival, etc. What if Ebbe is the Sean White of VR?


Second Life is a good virtual game which we can live a life that we all want.

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