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Monday, March 26, 2018


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Pussycat Catnap

As some of you know... I'm connected to 'militant black politics'. That's not relevant here... but it DOES explain why a few months back I was reading a curious rant about "all these white people moving into our neighborhoods that leave their window blinds open so all their business is right in our faces... but the don't do it in their own neighborhoods." (The article I read used even less flattering wording, but as I read it I realized it's point was actually universal rather than demographic-specific).

But that article could just as easily been written by anyone from any demographic about people who 'come in and act like colonizers'. And I think that's how Zuckerberg has acted in relation to the world's previous expectations of an online world. He's 'colonized' it.

The thrust of that article is not relevant here except, in my opinion... explaining how Zuckerberg got himself into this mess. He is, to the world, that 'Gentrifier' that comes into the neighborhood and leaves his window blinds open so that at 6pm your kids are watching him be intimate with the maid in his living room... and he's got NO CLUE why this is a problem...

He has a fundamental failure to understand the concept of privacy.

Let alone the need for it for other people.

He just assumes your business and his business should be right out there in the street. And he's up till now never heard all the people saying "shut your dang blinds, and LET ME shut mine!"

It's a cultural phenomena that seems to occur throughout human experience and history... someone with so much power and privilege that they can live far above those around them... starts to see everyone else's private business as no more private than that of the "family dog"... and is also unthinking of doing their own private business in front of "lessers". Basically it's the story of 'Downton Abbey'. A class of people are running 'social media' that have no concept of keeping private conduct private.

And as long as he's "colonizing" the rest of us... this isn't going to change.

Dartagan Shepherd

Guy makes a great case for why I'm not in Second Life any longer. Aside from skirting financial laws with virtual currency and taking away my legal rights with arbitration clauses, etc.

Clara Seller

Dear Tiny Little People:

All of this was predictable. They give us doorways and we blindly walk through them. We have got to stop sacrificing ourselves at the alter of megalomaniacs.

Let's not bother looking to Google for solutions to Facebook. It's about as productive as looking to Hillary Clinton for solutions to Donald Trump.

It's probably never been more imperative for the survival of the human race that we tiny little people start using the power of our individual minds and start taking control of our destiny. It's a daunting task and a lonely road, but any ezpass doorways provided by the likes of this group running the show are guaranteed to lead straight to the meat grinder. It's all they know and who they are. Our willingness to be little manifested these monsters.


Oh cmon. everybody knows Ebbe and LL have been secretly selling user info for years.

Wake up.


"... even if advertisers themselves might be amoral, ultimately the common morality of people flows up through the advertisers, and through our ads systems, and finally imposes a sense of morality ..."

+1 Ginsu Yoon

in recent days Chance the Rapper and Taylor Swift were each moved to call BS on moral matters that affect their people/audiences.

Adeon Writer

I say this every few years, and I'm always universally scoffed, but I've been saying it for over a decade now and I'm going to say it again.

Second Life was here before Facebook was a thing.

And Second Life will still be here when Facebook is no longer a thing.

People will still roll their eyes, but there's always less each time.

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