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Friday, March 16, 2018


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It's still super ridiculously expensive no matter how you look at it. The problem with getting Mainland is that it's littered with god-awful ugly garbage skyboxes, outdated property that has yet to be cleaned up stuff scattered all over the place and lag is really really bad if not worse than ever before.


I really don't care for SL land ownership or even renting. What I would pay for is the ability to have my own personal skybox that is off the map for complete and total privacy when needed, but my inventory still connected to the main grid. This skybox would allow unlimited uploads without fees client-side. Perfect for creative exploration and testing everything thing out without wasted L$ trying to get things right. It would be like a client-side sandbox space but with an online presence (those who you allow to see online status and for LSL scripted objects) and main grid connected inventory. Even better if could transfer inventory/work from your sandbox to SL's main grid (fees applied of course).

But that's all just wishful thinking...

David Cartier

This would be great, maybe, if Linden Lab would also bite the bullet, and return everything to the people who haven't logged in (probably because they are dead) for five or ten years. Just wipe the Mainland of all the dreary crap that's been sitting there. In some cases, it's been sitting there since before SL even opened. I looked at land sales and auctions this week. It's all a ghetto wasteland, broken up into badly partitioned and landscaped parcels. Anything desireable on the Mainland invariably has some ridiculous, six figure price tag.

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