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Thursday, March 15, 2018


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Wasted Engineeer

Philip knows what he is doing
HF is the foundations for a free and open source Metaverse that is not dependent on anyone else's intellectual property(Unity)
the vision is there with real backers who will help him see it through
once he created a new world, now he will create a universe!

Personally it might have been more professional to start a discussion with him in private to exchange ideas while working together publicly then do a school yard challenge

smells to coffee of another time https://forums.highfidelity.com/t/hifi-blockchain/13072


from my reading it seems like BankOfHiFidelity is going to print money on demand to ensure liquidity and exchange rate stability in the market. How is this any different from Supply Linden or any other central bank?

What happens if there is a run on HFC? Will BankOfHiFidelity buy back HFC on the market to support stability ?

if the answer is No then HFC is just a game token which as game players we can accept.

What will not be acceptable is a token that is sold to us as a realworld commodity and the seller is saying that they will sell us more tokens to deflate the value to maintain liquidity, but not ever buy HFC to reflate value to maintain stability when a circumstance would prescribe that.

or is it simply envisaged that the circumstance will never arise bc millions and millions of people flocking to buy virtual goods ?


i like the asset registry idea and the sales transaction record from a asset consumers pov. Not sure how commercial sellers are going to feel about their entire transaction history being open to all.


"The custom solution is a lot of work!"

Maybe the future will show things differently, but it really doesn't seem like L$ and the LindeX, or Sinespace's and many many other online companies' virtual to real currency systems have taken half as long to put together and get customers to understand as High Fidelity's system.

Also Philip's being a lil disingenuous bringing up the Equifax hack. The value of stealing personal information is to steal money. That's the only worth of personal information. If someone can steal your money directly I'm sure they could care less what your name and social is.

Real cryptocurrency security is much more involved than just opting to use a cryptocurrency and by default being better off than using real money and banks. The best cryptocurrency security is using a "cold wallet"; storing your cryptocurrency offline, no? If this is the best security for cryptocurrency then Adam's argument stands it's too easy to randomly lose your earnings vs. simply using a bank which comes with all sorts of protections and insurances.

I always felt Philip was desperate to create a problem to pitch High Fidelity as a solution for. High Fidelity is littered with solutions to problems that doesn't really exist. Bringing up the Equifax hack as rationale for using cryptocurrency is no more a good sale than the old pitch that Skype sucks because you aren't a digital avatar with handtracking.

If High Fidelity is some brave new venture into the unknown, let it be that. To compare it to Second Life or Sinespace as a better solution to problems those platforms face is ridiculous though. Sinespace attempts to improve virtual to real currency by cutting out the LindeX. This possibly fixes one of the few troublesome and confusing parts of operating in Second Life's economy. The rest it emulates. Most of how Second Life's virtual currency works is absolutely great. Who's complaining about how L$ works as a top 5 Second Life issue? This is one of Second Life's hallmarks not some problem area that needed a replacement in virtual worlds to follow.

Philip should own up that many of High Fidelity's features are different for the sake of being different, not because they're a better way (for us creators and consumers at least) of doing a virtual world. Cryptocurrency is another gamble and complexity just like all the motion tracking and VR and decentralized servers and etc. etc. It's a potlock of things worse than Second Life but I'm sure also better than Second Life, but it's definitely not an evolution of Second Life; virtual worlds like Sinespace and Sansar strive much more to be that despite both their shortcomings.

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