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Friday, March 09, 2018


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Clara Seller

It takes a special elitist Hollywood arrogance to produce this movie and hedge bets on whether the public will lap it up. I hope the public embraces it with a giant middle finger, but who knows what this crazy brainwashed bunch will do.

The timing couldn't be more perfect in light of the massive sellout happening in Congress right now. With the big Wall Street deregulation proposed, Ready Player One is less fiction and more of a sneak peek into the long term economic plan our plutocrats have laid out for us... hungry techno-geared squirrels searching for nuts.

Ha Ha Ha. It's all in good fun and there's lots of money and gold statues riding on this. So all of you bushy-tailed rodents run out there and do what you do best... give us your nuts.

TonyVT Skarredghost

Interesting data... we all hope for a success of course!

Better then Ezra

Ready Player One is just one tiny viewpoint and dream that's outdated while reeking of just trying to make a buck!

Look if VR is ever going to take off whenever I'd log in the world would be everything 'I dream of' with me being god.

VR is not about me living someone else s dream its about me being a god or goddess unlike all the current VR worlds were they can't even offer you the level of choices a 15 year old Second Life offers

My bets on AR until true technology can be offered without the face googles

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