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Thursday, March 08, 2018


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The first 4 charts make the scale for number of visits twice the maximum that SL got. This flattens the chart and actually disguises how much the difference actually is. If it was closer to SLs max visits then the difference is even more obvious. The last chart does a better job.

Hamlet Au

Yeah you have to hold your cursor over each to see what the actual numbers are and see how big the spread is.

Ai Austin

Where a lot of development folks have gone seriously wrong is assuming the whole of the user interaction will be with a VR headset on, using a mic for interpersonal communications with those in range, and even assuming additionally a pair of motion controllers in your hands.

I am a believer in a mixed situation where a lot (most?) of the interaction is in 2D and the you don the headset and (optionally) pick up specialized controllers for certain elements of the interaction. Some VR experiences will not even run if you don't have the hardware in your hands... just occasionally having to put it down for the pop up messages and interactions still required on a 2D screen.

Minethere Sometimes

2ndlife is dying without new residents.

average resident age is 60yrs old with no one replacing them.

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