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Friday, March 23, 2018


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Grid Famous Games

great news. logging in to give it a peak now.


I went into Sinespace yesterday to check out the avatar again because of this article. Yup, it has more polys, better animations and there are better skins than the last time I was in. But I can't help but feel they are polishing a turd here. The base avatar is still so basic that it doesn't matter how many polys you divide it into or how many sliders you add, it's still nowhere near what anyone could consider a next-gen avatar. Still nowhere near as good as the avatars in Second Life, which is almost 15 years old now. Sansar avatars aren't nearly as customizeable yet but they are far better than the Sinespace avatar.


wow..graphics are superb..haven't checked the animations yet but certainly will do once i've finished my project..keep it up!!

Margaret Berck-Brown

I didn't have any expectations of Sinespace, but seems like project is developing and getting better all the time.

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