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Thursday, March 22, 2018


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I think what is needed is an ultimate character creator app where a user can create a mesh avatar that has infinite customization possibilities - not just human - and would be the same in any virtual world they visit. That is something that would be adopted by the masses - and take the heat off of virtual worlds to provide decent avatars. Use blockchain and bundle the avatar with the identity and payment information. Use the "central avatar" app as a launch to the virtual worlds that support it. A user would feel that they take their identity and their look with them and they could just enjoy what each VW has to offer without having to become something different in each one. I would pay for that. I think a lot of people would.



I get what you saying. Philip R. is saying the same thing pretty much and is hoping to enable it in his way.

While having a 3rd-party sign-in registrar: Facebook, Google+, Gravatar, Steam, now Hifi also, etc; can be convenient for the users, its problematic for the creators of the online environments.

The issue for the environment creators is: What happens to my user base when the 3rd-party registrar fails me; and the implication of this for diminished market resale value.

The market resale value issue for online environments: games, worlds, spaces, lists, forums, email even; isn't the environment itself. The market resale value is in the number of unique participants who sign in to the environment. Which can evaporate when the registrar fails, goms or blocks the game/worlds/space/environment/etc.

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