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Thursday, April 12, 2018


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I hadn't heard of decentralland till they started spamming my twitter by copying me in to dozens of posts.

David Cartier

The essential difference between Decentraland and High Fidelity - or SL for that matter - is not that Philip doesn't understand even the basic concepts of marketing; it's that he and everyone else he's ever worked with project this elitist contempt for selling their product to Joe and Joanne Average. Those people in the desirable demographics. Retail is not just giving horny sailors a glimpse of your crotch through a dirty window. It's an art, and you have to understand and respect what your customer wants. You cannot judge them for it. Even now High Fidelity and Linden Lab just don't get it that nobody wants to share YOUR dream, but they are perfectly happy to buy or lease their own dream from you. We have prettier, better tasting tulips than Decentraland can ever hope for, but rather than offering the implied scarcity of Decentraland's fresh, unsullied, virgin lands or the insipid sexiness of their avatars, visitors to SL are offered even more of the post-apocalyptic blight of our poisoned Mainland; Linden Lab's version of Section 8 ghettoes, and a selection of hideously ugly vampire starter avatars that nobody ever chooses to start with. Linden Lab need to stop their foolish investing in even more unwanted band-aid innovations and to start throwing wads of cash at some capable branding company like Response Marketing or BBDO or Dentsu, an agency that knows how to rebrand an old, tired product with a bad reputation and make people lust for it. Even if they don't care about US, they do have responsibilities to their long-suffering investors.

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