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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


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sirhc desantis

' "This isn’t to say throw out your Oculus Rift," Chet writes. '
Phew thats a relief I was worried... oh wait. I forgot I don't have one despite being offered a job lot for a few hours work last week.

Nice tie in to worlds adrift though so kudos there.

I have not witnessed an industry so prone to car wrecks since the UK errr car making shambles in the 70's. I spent some time as a serf at Vauxhall.

Perhaps we should rename the Zuckerberg spin as the Chet Defence (apologies to South Park and Chewie).

David Cartier

I finally deleted my (real) Facebook account last week, and become more and more certain that I did the right thing. I killed my Twitter account a while back, when they began their apalling fascist censorship of anything even slightly controversial. In my case the people whom Facebook was recommending as potential "friends" made it very clear to me that Facebook engages in widespread spying - not only our words and actions within Facebook, iteself, but also our emails and activities in other social media and games. The fact that it's not even worth the trouble to delete my Skype and LinkedIn accounts just says a lot about the basic mediocrity of Microsoft.

sirhc desantis

I stand corrected (actually clawed)

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