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Monday, April 02, 2018


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This movie made me lose what little respect I had for Spielberg.

If he teleported on to my land, dressed as a teen with his cap backwards, I'd drop kick him into my neighbor's koy pond.


That's KOI POND!

Metacam Oh

I was entertained by the movie, but as a VR enthusiast and I dont think this spoils anything in the movie, but the parts where people were walking down the street wearing VR gear and being submersed in the Oasis really really bothered me. Your not going to be walking down a busy city street when your supposed to be in an entirely different environment. It makes no sense at all, please if someone can explain how this makes sense I would love to hear it, it would make me feel better about the movie. ( I don't remember this type of nonsense in the book)

Clara Seller

One big difference between the movie and RL virtual reality offerings is that today's consumer doesn't get the pleasure of searching for an Easter egg. Instead of inheriting a fortune, they get to lose a fortune on lameness.

RL virtual reality is pretty lame right now and consumers haven't been suckered into it in huge numbers. Schindler's List was a great movie, but we weren't hoping it would herd people into concentration camps. Consumers would have a better chance of getting a RL version of a concentration camp experience than they would get the other movies virtual reality experience.

Josain Zsun

I attended local 1st showing, which happened to be "3D". First disappointment. I kept wishing it was a video, so I could do instant replay on scenes I thought they could have done an impressive scene.
The movie was what would be expected from a Hollywood special effects extravaganza.
It occasionally reminded me of the book…kinda. Most of the characters are present in both. That's about it.
My thoughts to those that have not read the book. See the movie and be even more mindblown to read the book.
My thoughts to those that have read the book. See the movie with no expectations from the book. It will be a Hollywood special effects romp.

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