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Thursday, April 12, 2018


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David Cartier

It's kind of discouraging sometimes, logging into an SL where I now suck at building stuff, and the big competition is now about whomever currently makes the most lifelike mesh pubic hair, but then I get an IM - even emails from High Fidelity, sometimes, advertising "DJ Music and Dancing in VR!" or the opening of a new gallery or museum show. We're still (not quite) the cavalcade of fetishism and perversion which most people seem to believe.

Clara Seller

It's good to have an expert opinion now. It's a crying shame that non-expert opinions weren't listened to years ago. It would have saved a ton of money.

So here we are, post-Ready Player One, and that bird still won't sing, chirp, or move. The Golden Calf bought Oculus and we got to watch him squirm before Congress. We're anxiously waiting to find out how dead dead has to be before it's officially dead.

madeline blackbart

Female VR user here (oculus rift and google cardboard specifically I have tried)! I find the motion sickness for me is down to specific types of movement (specifically very fast turns) which most games that I've play do not do. I've also been playing videogames a long time so maybe I'm more immune then most?

In my opinion BIGGEST issue is the lack of community. SL users have apparently spurned Sansar in general and (again in my opinion) the world of Sansar has very little interactivaty on it's own. With no community you can look as nice as you like but it's going to be boring. When I went there it felt like being in a museum. You can look but you can't touch and no talking.
I mean VRchat kind of got a leg up on this having been shown on a number of youtube channels. Log into VRchat and even though it's desktop mode is not as good as it's VR it seems to always have users on it. Maybe not quiet as many as SL but certainly FAR more then most other VR worlds/games I've been in. It's kind of the catch-22 of virtual worlds in general. You need a community to start a community.
Now that's not to say sansar has 0 community but that community is so small and rarely on sansar from what I've seen.

Clara Seller

Madeline Blackbart zeros in on the subject of community. Community is everything.

Someone at Linden Lab needs to do some soul searching on what community really is. Is community about "me" or "us"? Sansar has a community of "me". It was conceived and has been artificially supported for a collective of wannabes whose only goal has been to elevate careers and personal gain on a delusional assumption that their "greatness" is enough to attract herds of cash cattle to be milked and packaged for sale at the market. The active "community" of Sansar actually believes that the rest of us are so pathetic that we will find some meaningful "experience" in becoming their hamburger.

Linden Lab has worn the ruby slippers of "community" all along. They could have owned the future of VR if they would have bothered to look at "us".

Poor fools. Their day of reckoning is fast approaching. Owning the future of VR is no longer an option. They need to decide if they want to survive in it at all.

sirhc desantis

'For the vast majority of people, Second Life's first impression was reading a Time writer speak quizzically about how someone gifted him a working penis'

Make that a minority minus 1. Took me 3 months before I knew there was sound let alone a winkle.

(You know my views on community i.e. there isn't one)

Headline 'Sansar Stuck in Its First Impression as a VR Platform* err yeah and? Was the point?

Ser Jennings may have been in the games biz for 15 years (make up number) but I first tried it 40 years+ back. But I know I am an SL noob being only 11 actually involved. Plus his beard is better than mine.

And to clarify @ ser seller you are one reason I rail against some sort of blanket 'community' =^^=

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