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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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sirhc desantis

So no diff from cutting HiFi cutting 32 bit then :) At least Sansar was honest that you ain't ever getting on....). Yeah I do own access to 2 machines made this decade but I like my old box. I can run and create and other things for one.
More seriously the terrain was broken a long time ago. But you would have to read the 'dev' on that. But hey non gender sits ooooh
' we are sunsetting ' isn't that a nice phrase. I also like the smell of napalm but only after my coffee.

That said - Sansar still has an untapped market. Those less cynical than me who use the LL product that is head and shoulder above to still do at least basic YWYI must be in the hundreds of thousands. Possibly more.

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