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Monday, April 30, 2018


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It may well be true. Sadly I have lost close friends in recent years, the latest a couple of months ago and as I get older myself I have my own significant health issues that will make logging in less frequent. And with SL being how it is for most of us with regards to sharing RL, it's often too late before finding out something has happened when someone goes unless someone has been close enough to know someone better in RL.
Are we popping off at a rate that makes that much of a difference though, or just leaving because we've had enough? I can remember getting to around 4 or 5 years and just thinking I should be doing something more than logging into a virtual world for hours on end (yeah, it didn't last, I came back) . But now, double the time and I know plenty of others have felt the same, they tell me sometimes then just stop logging in. Some come back after a break. Some delete their accounts and have come back after a couple of years, wishing they hadn't because they have to start from scratch. When someone just disappears, we never know if something bad has happened or they just decided one day they've had enough and quit.


I am almost as old as Second Life, having rezzed for the first time August 5, 2003. I remain an active user for almost 15 years save for the time I was without a computer. There are new people that come in but don't seem to stay. I was not a tech or geek or nerd when I came into SL. I was out of work and could not afford to go out and socialize anymore. Being the social person I am I found Second Life to fulfill that need. I was offered the opportunity to make friends around the world in real time. *mind blown* I was on Windows ME in 2003 so techs know I could barely move. But I stayed. I have lost dear friends over the years due to death and those losses prove too much for some who leave because they miss those dear people. I remain friends via Facebook with many people. Some even come into SL to celebrate my Rez Day with me. The one constant that I admire most about Second Life is the friendship bonds are stronger than a lot of other friendships I have. I have met many of my SL friends in RL too. So I think all the comments being made are absolutely correct but I think Linden Lab should focus in individual experience. What do you really love best? Dancing? Music? Games? Helping? Learning? Shopping? Shopping without L$? And drop them in those specific areas. One thing I know about older or more talented SL Residents is that they love to share and help and I really think that the mission of most Second Life Residents like me is to "pay if forward". The other big mistake is they took the Lindens out of in-world. That kept me here in the beginning, I was very impressed with a company that was not afraid to mingle with the people that used their product. That I got to meet Lindens and Residents alike was AWESOME. When they took that hands on approach out it really changed. Everyone has their opinions. I never owned an island but my friends have. I have always owned my own land on the mainland. I do not rent. I dabbled in making clothes before mesh. But I have always been social. I am now addicted to Gachas, shopping, games, hunts, challenges, dancing and there is literally an abundance of free items out in the world on a daily basis that is high quality. And many vendors now sell their items in HUDS that say "JUST WEAR ME" and it unpacks their item(s) and puts it in their inventory in a folder. No Rezzing Area needed. Worried about being naked. Do it like its 2003 again and go under the sea! My love for Second Life has never waned. I just miss some of my closest friends because together we knew how to have a good time. But I still have a small circle of my oldest, dearest and best friends still on with me and we are still rockin our Second Life. I am also one of the few people who never deleted my "calling cards" or friendships. People who will come back 8 or 9 years later IM me and say thanks for not deleting me. You were the only friend I still had when I logged in. So good to see you are still here. I also get the, "wow I never saw an avatar as old as you." It's all good. It breaks the ice for people. Most are very kind. I still love Second Life and it still blows my mind. <3

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