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Thursday, April 19, 2018


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ReRe Sandalwood

I wrote an article about this in my online publication The SL Parade. Entitled "Furries: The Spirit Animals of Second Life," it was also republished in Kultivate Magazine. I think it is great that this topic is being discussed, because there is a whole subculture dedicated to this type of RP not only in SL, but in RL too...here is the link to my article: http://www.theslparade.org/2017/04/furries-the-spirit-animals-of-second-life/

I have been on hiatus due to bereavement, but I am planning to resume publication of The SL Parade in the weeks to come. It is my hope that we all can continue to patronize one another's publications, and even quote from the articles as needed, etc.

Adeon Writer

I've been in SL for over 10 years, and I've used a furry avatar for 100% of it. But I've never once roleplayed, and I don't consider myself 'roleplaying' when I use a furry avatar either, either.

(In fact, and this is an aside, I have a phobia of roleplay, I stay far away from it in SL. Performance anxiety.)

But as far as the furry avatar goes...

I'm still waiting on a good, moddable, male mesh human avie that I can identify with.

I don't really want to be a sex idol / male fashion model / beefcake / stud.

I just want to look normal. Not like the real me, just normal enough to identify with.

The currect selection of human male avies, I just can't with any of them, and I'd identify with a female avie even less. Furry avie fits me better because they don't really exist. It's obvious I am not like my avie, so I don't feel like I'm trying to pass as something I'm not.

David Cartier

For most people, I've found, it's almost never the avatars and role play per se. The disturbing bit is the "yiffing"; the simulated bestiality, fetishism and sexual abuse of animals.

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