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Thursday, April 05, 2018


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Yes you need to be mindful of others and their own imaginations. I found today you just need to be upfront and ask, Are you guy,girl,trans? It just keeps things honest. If they choose to use deception that is on them.At least you were open minded enough to inquire. Because there are dishonest people in SL who catfish,trap and for one reason or another prefer to take a dishonest approach to the things they do.


That's nothing. I once pretended to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. I had mixed sexed RL pics and all that.

It was fun but a lot of work.

So I opted to rent the movie Victor/Victoria instead.


I had a friend who used a male avatar for fun. We other friends knew that. She was pretty good at mimicking the male stereotype. Later she became a little more natural and... even kinda charming.
Then I know someone else who switched to a male alt, to avoid too many attentions from the usual horny guys.
Also trying to experience things from a different point of view is usually instructive.
But experimenting by telling BS and using other people as guinea pigs? That's another story.
Anyway it's Second Life. I won't expect that a furry is a furry in real life too.
You find out that woman avatar is used by a woman, but unlike her 20 year old Barbie avatar, she is 50 and overweight and on a wheelchair. Is she deceiving you?
Behind that Mr. Muscle avatar there is a guy, yay, but perhaps just not exactly the gym type... or perhaps yes. But hey, he has a castle and a white horse in SL and he makes you believe he is a charming prince, but... he's actually a manipulative psycho, just pretending to be your ideal man, and eventually he will show his true colors and his bluebeard.
Look, another guy, he is one in real life too! But he doesn't own such a big yacht in real life, just a modest sailboat.
Sometimes it's just dreams you wish they were true.
And trans? What do people mean with "trans" in SL? Those guys pretending to be shemales? Or the experimenting ones, gender bending? Or...
Trans people have an hard time already to be understood and in SL there are all those other people bringing even further confusion. Apart all the different cases, a trans woman who simply and strongly identifies herself as a woman, she is honestly that, and if she isn't too shy to tell you about her RL own personal businesses, even if she owe you nothing and it's a virtual world, maybe she would say it. She would say she a woman, trans, but a woman, not a man or gay man whatever. But fearing to be misunderstood and knowing how some people are transphobic or can't just understand and cling on that "trans = man gay deceiving trap", and attack transgender women, it won't be so easy for her to get the courage and explain and tell about her personal situation to a perfect stranger, fearing you will misunderstand.
Besides that not everyone is into dating, various trans women I know in SL also avoid to tell about their personal stuff in their profiles because of those misconceptions. Someone care less, someone more. They enjoy the virtual world as themselves, and don't want to be confused with men. Paradoxically, if one is so fond with that "trans = man", and you say "trans", that person would get a misleading idea. So if you cannot get it, think she is a woman and you get the closest idea to what she is. She isn't lying nor trying to deceive you, she is just honestly herself (and likely happy to be). Who lies, tells you some BS and you would never know in SL. Who eventually tells you to be trans, is giving you their trust, usually to their closest friends and to people they hope they will understand.

Nalates Urriah

LL's SL tagline: "Your world. Your imagination."

If one isn't imagining and experimenting, they are sort of missing out on what SL is.

Yet, there are RL people behind the avatars. That includes the gullible, physical and mentally challenged, the devious, scammers, young, old, experienced and inexperienced, socio and psychopaths, balanced and unbalanced... the whole gamut of personalities healthy and sick.

All those people do not change their core ethics/morality and basic nature when they roleplay an avatar that is whatever. They project all their stuff into what they imagine the RP character to be. So, a psychopath is never going to be able to accurately RP a caring person. They can mimic the behaviors they have noticed in people they think care, but they lack a basic understanding of what caring is. So, while possibly an excellent manipulator and mimic, the RP will likely break at some point. Try denying them something they want or disagreeing with them.

I personally think those happiest in SL are the more self-aware and aware of the possible nature of others and are able to allow others the freedom to be whatever they are and whatever they want to imagine. To me, that is the nature of a true liberal. Not many of those around. But, we do have an abundant supply of the narcissistic do it my way or I'll hate you types. We are fortunate they are not the majority.

Those that try to find reality in SL, worry about who is behind an avatar, and believe all they are told in SL are sort of roleplaying Sisyphus.

madeline blackbart

TBH I have a Male alt that I've used occasionally. It is interesting how differently people behave toward you. Like as a female avatar people are MUCH more apt to just message me and talk to me without me having to initiate it. I'm not just talking hitting on me but just messaging a hello to me as well/telling me they like my look/etc. As a male avatar people basically never messaged me without me having spoken first. In my opinion people with Male avatars have a harder time socializing in SL (and maybe life I dunno) especially if they're shy. On the flip side when giving opinions in chat, especially when related to tech, people tend to take you more seriously or being more willing to "talk shop" if your avatar/name is male. Obviously these are generalizations and not always true ALL the time...but yeah just my observations.

Alecks Qinan

I think in SL visual is everything and because I spent most of my time in RP inside of SL I have noticed that goodlooking in RP means mainly 2 things for a male avatar.
- He can RP well
- He is likely to be a woman in RL

Now this is not ALWAYS true but I have been in SL a long time and in RP just as long and these are commonalities me and friends notices. It can implied that taking the time and investment in your avatar shows an idea you might be serious abut portraying well your characters. Good taste tends to go along with capacity to write in SL.
Women also tend to be more detailed about their avatar although I met several anal guys but women fit the more mold when it comes to beauty.
If I can invest money on my hobby why can't you? And SL can be cheaper than say games like WOW if you mold your avatar correctly you can be easily good for a year.

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