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Wednesday, April 04, 2018


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The only thing that's a bit sad is the lack of users on this platforms. Or they are only active durring certain events. Would love to have people online more often (especialy on Altspace VR). In the meantime you can check another type of nsfw vr here http://vrpornjack.com

madeline blackbart

I think Jack has a valid point here. It's kind of the catch 22 of virtual worlds. You need people to get people to play your game. Great features are nice but like in most online games community and the quality of that community is the true big seller. These reviews seem to show all the features they have for making nice looking scenes. What kind of social features do they have? What kind of interactivity can a user expect to do with friends there?

Like Sincespace I know has a public chat and there always seems to be someone chatting in it. Which is nice and a great way to make a user feel less alone. Fidelity allows for a collaborative building which IMO is a great feature. FB allows you to view 360 videos and art with friends and hold hands. Things I can think of offhand.

Just some random thoughts I geuss. haha

Ilsa Hesse

did SL not make the list for any particular reason?
its my understanding that the writer got his basic idea from SL?

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