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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


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Cindy Bolero

Well, its always the case many aren't happy with a movie version of anything. Even though it doesn't match what virtual world avatars want to see or be portrayed, the point is, millions are flocking to a movie about a virtual world. We've not had that opportunity of promotion or representation on such a large scale since James Cameron's Avatar.

This is a good thing for the decreasing VW populations and virtual goods markets, that peaked 10 years ago. Perhaps movie goers will get curious and log in to your virtual world of choice, or perhaps log into a VR virtual world. Perhaps they stay and play and become VW consumers. Either way, more people have been exposed to the concept of a virtual world. I'm not complaining. I see the big picture.

BTW, as I've been saying the past five years. The game,app, and VR industry is starving for content. Too bad so much content creator talent lock themselves away in Secondlife. They should expand their stores to other platforms.


lol @ cindy

The VW thing is over. The excitement of it in its early years mirrors TV and radio when they first appeared. Artists and technologists experimented with the new medium in those days but eventually the corporations took over. And now they're nothing but crap with ton of ads.

This is what happened to SL when they decided to chase out the educators, artists and innovators and replace them with cheap ways to maybe make more money.

But the difference between TV, radio and SL is that TV and Radio doesn't throw a TOS which states it owns your work. Imagine buying a TV on the condition you sign over your intellectual property once you start using it.

What did you expect when they start hiring people like Ebbe and the clowns that came before him? Pretty much the only avenue for VWs is to appeal to the lowest common denominators; the pervs and the gamers. Forgot about ever expecting anything ground-breaking anymore.

VWs today is just TV now. And you know the type of people who still watch TV.

Iggy 1.0

It seems curious to me that with all the computing power at our disposal, the best things we can do in these spaces is shoot each other or (here's the SL link) shag.

There's got to be more out there for VR and VW.

Building stuff made SL seem transcendent. But I'm a guy who's building his own car now out of parts, in collaboration with a couple of mechanics who did the brakes and set the engine in properly. Just buying a car bores me.

Not everyone is a builder.

Han Held

You seem to have a low opinion of LEA and the other digital art projects which SL and Opensim[1] are used for.

Not to mention the educational uses.

Jimjane wrote: Imagine buying a TV on the condition you sign over your intellectual property once you start using it.

Raise your hands if you put "your intellectual property" on your tv?

No one? Thats' what I thought.

[1]I assumed Space and High Fidelity have similar projects; I'm simply not familiar with them.



Reading comprehension not your best suit eh?


I sound like a broken record when I mention that these arguments have been going on since the days of VRML. 3D has primarily been an entertainment venue. The social aspect was a bonus. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to 3D. Bashing each other over platforms again gets us nowhere. The dystopian themes that books and movies use is simply to sell books and movies. 3D, or VR, or gaming, or whatever you want to call the tech, is a method of income for some. Intellectual property rights are agreements to be made between the creators and the platform providers. In the end, everyone has to surface in the default world to eat and poop at some point in time. That's when you are supposed to get together to compare notes and see what can be done to improve your experiences online. Not trash talk each other with "mine is better than yours" arguments. Sheesh!

Josain Zsun

With Ready Player One, I attended my first movie since taking my GATE class to see the first Iron Man movie.
First showing was also 3D. That was my first disappointment. I kept wishing I could do an Instant Replay with scenes that should/could have taken more advantage of that medium.
There was a lot of content that seemed to assume you had read the book to understand what they were talking about.
Most of the movie kind of reminded me of a much richer story line from a book it kind of resembled.
There was a pretty good use of Hollywood special effects, that with the action would have satisfied those that hadn't read the book.
Chatting with some people on exit, I asked if they had read the book. "No."
I replied "If you enjoyed the movie, you will be even more blown away by the book that sort of follows the same story line, but in fuller detail."

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