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Monday, May 14, 2018


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wow... you can livestream Sansar in Twitch but not Second Life?


@kabalyero, twitch believes second life has too much chance of sexual content being shown so its banned, sansar has no sexual content (for now)

Adeon Writer

Unfortunratly, it does not suprise me: When i was in sansar it was filled with the same crowd that normally hangs out in SL welcome areas: Toxic, vapid voice trolls.

No one in the right mind hangs out in SL welcome areas because of them and the outright unmoderated nature of linden-owned land. Sad to see an LL employee got the brunt of this time, they are very nasty folk.

sirhc desantis

Didn't we go through something similar in SL a few years back? Vaguely remember it being added to the TOS.


You haven’t heard about abuse, because the women that got bullied before this, where not allowed to talk about it because of the NDA. Men whispering dirty things in womens ears during office meetings, calling them names when meeting inworld, insinuations, sexist jokes. Those women got no help from Lindens at all, the victims where perceived as difficult, they where ignored, isolated and made fun off. The Lindens chose this culture for their platform. So the Lindens are the next minority that is attacked. Boohoo. They should have done the right thing. Have you seen that sexist line in their latest newsletter? Women that wear skirt and dresses may now kneel. Maybe we finally found their targeted audience, goreans.


Harassment? just type the words "ski school grad" and you'll just get deleted.

Having your posts deleted constantly because of those words is a form of harassment.

David Cartier

The assholes who hang out at welcome areas have scared off a whole lot more people than the learning curve ever did. I have yet to encounter another person in SANSAR

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