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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


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Steve Swayne

And when we can 'see' these screens through direct implants to the optic nerves and the brain rather than projected screens that our eyes look through, even better ;)

Dartagan Shepherd

I always think Phil is high when reading his stuff.

But this is something I see with other devs and people coming from the golden days of MMO's where people fully immersed for long hours with the latest hardware.

Some people just aren't coming to terms with the fact that those days are pretty much gone from the mainstream.

People in general just want their quick fix of information or communication and then to move on with whatever else they're doing. The technology has ceased to be something that you "do" for hours and hours on end and is now pretty much a convenience tool.

And current big screens do the job for watching shows and films. We've hit the limit of "good enough" for most users, I think, as you've suggested.

Consumers just aren't interested as much as companies try to convince them that they should be.

Clara Seller

Dartagan is right.

"So the only way to get more 'screen' in front of people is to wrap the screen around your head so it covers more pixels "

This idea is right up there with doing bongs and the inevitable group vision of burning acres and acres of grass and getting the whole town high.

Then you grow up and you need your head unwrapped all day and you need to trust that the majority of the professionals around you aren't trippin'.


My stupid real eyeballs are just in the way of truly experiencing stoner Phils vision.

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